Solskjaer is not happy with refereeing because of Ronaldo!

Solskjaer is not happy with refereeing because of Ronaldo!

Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reckons that matches of his team are supervised improperly because of Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival.

The fifth round of the Premier League was not the easiest for Manchester United. They had to recoup in the match with West Ham after conceding a goal from Benrahma in the 30th minute. Initially, Ronaldo leveled the score, and in the 89th minute, Lingard put the team ahead. But in stoppage time already, West Ham had a chance to take one point with a penalty had Mark Noble converted it.

After the game, Solskjaer noted that Manchester United also had to shoot from the spot, but the referee's decision was not in favor of the Red Devils,

“I think we had two definite penalties, there’s even nothing to argue about. In the first case, the guy pulled in his leg, and Cristiano ran in a straight line. And Pogba was fouled by Kurt Zuma. So why didn't Ronaldo's appeal lead to a penalty?

I hope this is not a "Ronaldo will never get a penalty" situation,” the Norwegian added.

Last season, United had 11 penalties in the Premier League, of which they converted 10. For example, Manchester City, which outnumbered Manchester United last season by the number of attacks, had only nine penalty shots. This gives me the impression that the referees have worked on the mistakes and will pay less attention to the falls of United players in someone else's penalty area.

The arrival of Ronaldo, as for me, has nothing to do with it. Yes, Cristiano has a reputation af a football player who loves to fight in the penalty area and embellishes if he feels the contact of an opponent. But so far, in two matches of the Premier League, he didn’t have too much of obvious simulations. He has a game going on without it, and the team wins.

Perhaps the referees really do pay tribute to Manchester United's opponents for the past season. But this must be judged at a distance. Solskjaer's rhetoric is as clear as day. He tries to draw attention to this problem so that later the referees would be more supportive of his team. This is a standard move by any coach and heats the ground for injustice. But five rounds without a penalty in the new season does not mean anything.