Simeone told why Griezmann struggles at Atletico

Simeone told why Griezmann struggles at Atletico

The Atletico Madrid head coach, Diego Simeone, answered why the striker has no efficient actions in the first four games for the team.

In the final days of the summer transfer window, Antoine Griezmann left Barcelona and returned to his native Atlético on loan. He played four incomplete matches for Loc Colchoneros against Espanyol, Porto, Athletic and Getafe, but did not score a goal or made an assist in any of them. On three out of four occasions, he started the match in the starting line-up.

The head coach of the team, Diego Simeone, has his own vision of the forward's adaptation problems:

"Everything is fine. He was very happy to be back. He is in the process of adapting to the current Atletico, which is different from the one he left.

But I have no doubt that in the end we will get what we hope for. We're lucky to have him. We are on a path that every player needs to adapt to. It’s not only Griezmann, but also Rodrigo de Paul,” Simeone said.

Also, the Argentine specialist stressed that he liked Antoine's game and he returned to the club to give more stability to Atletico. In fact, we see a picture in which he does not yet feel at ease.

Griezmann does not lack efficiency on the pitch, he gives himself as much as possible, which he showed even at Barcelona. When the game was not going, he worked out in defense and helped his partners. But at Atletico, over the years, the structure of the game and the pressure has really changed, which is why the Frenchman will need time to adapt to the new team.

Besides, we don't discount the atmosphere in the locker room. We think after his return there are clearly a few people who did not receive Griezmann very warmly after the transfer to Barcelona. For him, the main thing right now in his 30 years is to smooth out all the corners as quickly as possible and start playing at Atlético. Otherwise, Barca will no longer need him and he will have to go to MLS ahead of time.