Thierry Henry may head Barcelona

Thierry Henry may head Barcelona

Thierry Henry is named one of the candidates for the head coach of Barcelona in the event of the resignation of Ronald Koeman.

The question of Koeman's resignation was recently raised by the leadership of Barcelona after the fiasco in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League against Bayern, 0:3. Then the president of the club, Josep Bartomeu, listened to the claims of the board of directors, but could not support them due to the need to pay a compensation to the coach for breaking the contract.

But at the same time, the possibility of the Dutchman leaving remains. Among the options, the name of Xavi constantly pops up, but the clause on leaving Al-Sadd for Barcelona was removed from the Spaniard's contract when he signed a new agreement. Therefore, Barca are counting on Henry as the club's former footballer with a coaching license.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Catalans already thought about appoining Thierry in 2017, but then leaned towards Ernesto Valverde. And, as it seems to me, they were absolutely right. The Frenchman managed to work in the coaching staff of Arsenal, worked as an assistant in the Belgium national team, but also tried to start a solo career.

He failed miserably in Monaco and Montreal Impact, after which he returned under the wing of Roberto Martinez. He may be three times as strong than any other assistant head coach, but so far there is no confidence in his work as a coach, and Barcelona could make a huge mistake by inviting him to the team.

It is clear that the current Barca must be destroyed so that a new team with an old philosophy can be built in their place. But we don't think that Henry will cope with such a difficult task. He came to Monaco, a little battered by transfers, but there he could not do anything useful and was fired in three and a half months. Does he need a new bad line on his resume? I don’t think so.