PSG ex-player: Neymar is a spoiled jerk!

PSG ex-player: Neymar is a spoiled jerk!

PSG former footballer Edouard Cisse has criticized Neymar and called him a spoiled jerk.

Edouard Cisse can be called a product of the Parisians, since they began their professional career at PSG. Without taking into account a loan, the Frenchman spent 186 matches for the capital club in total, but at the end of his career he left to finish playing for hated by Paris Saint-Germain Marseille and then to Auxerre.

Therefore, the midfielder spoke sharply about the current leader of his former club, calling him a hostage of the habit of having an assistant role, which has gone on since his performances for Barcelona,

“At Barca, he had a formation. He played cleaner despite trying to dribble more often. His job was to break into the defenses, make the difference, and pass the ball to General Messi. He was so good at it that it became his alter ego.

And at PSG he was given all the keys and allowed to do whatever he pleases. And at some point, Neymar got lost. He is a great player, we can't say anything. But in Paris, he became a spoiled brat who rules everything,” Cisse said in an interview with Le Parisien.

As for me, there is some truth in Cisse's words. Neymar has always had a hard time with leadership qualities, and even last season is proof of this. PSG sropped out of the Champions League from Manchester City, lost the championship title to Lille, and this is all in the year when Thiago Silva, who was in charge of the leadership role, left.

Even at the national team level, everything was very difficult for Neymar. Only victory at the Olympics in Rio 2016, the Confederations Cup in 2013 and the Copa America silver in 2021 are in his asset. He missed the last triumphal continental cup for Selecao due to injury. Perhaps that's why the team won the title.

Now PSG are replete with names. The club is simultaneously played by Marquinhos, Ramos, Messi, Neymar and Mbappé. Even though the latter is already preparing to leave, and Ramos has not yet entered the pitch, it is still very difficult for Neymar to compete with such figures who have won enough at different levels, including for their national teams.