Chris Sutton: Ronaldo is problem for Man Utd!

Chris Sutton: Ronaldo is problem for Man Utd!

London Chelsea former forward Chris Sutton Considers Cristiano Ronaldo a big problem for Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The magic after Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United is slowly evaporating. The forward scored five goals in the first five games, but did not help in the game with Everton from the bench to turn the tide of the meeting. The teams drew 1:1, and OleGunnar Solskjaer received a lot of criticism for not letting the Portuguese out from the start. Alex Ferguson was even present in the ranks of the prosecution.

But Chris Sutton, best known for playing for Blackburn, Chelsea and Celtic, has a different opinion on the scorer. He considers Ronaldo to be the real problem of modern Manchester United,

“The biggest reason is that I just think Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have stronger lineups. I think they have deeper lineups. Although I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had a good transfer campaign, I think they have stronger coaches. It is so simple. I think Ronaldo will be a problem for Manchester United.

He is a very, very significant person, and I have questioned the meaning of his transfer from the moment of signing. There was a lot of excitement about this. I understand all this, but I believe that he can become a problem for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer,” Sutton said.

The Englishman also stressed that the presence of Ronaldo on the pitch greatly complicates the process of pressing, because he does not do this. Therefore, Solskjaer has to dodge, embedding the Portuguese in the squad for all his shortcomings in the game on the defensive. In addition, if Ronaldo is unhappy, then from the worst side it will affect the atmosphere in the locker room.

As for us, there really is some truth in this. We are convinced that Solskjaer did not take a lot of part in the transfer of Ronaldo and he was told after the fact about the arrival of the Portuguese, because this is primarily beneficial to the owners of the club. T-shirt sales, sponsorships and winning the fight for the legend at Manchester City were all more important to United than the game factor.

Cristiano, of course, will score his goals at Manchester United, but will he really be useful for the team? That is the main question.