Van der Vaart called Courtois whiner for criticizing UEFA and FIFA.

Van der Vaart called Courtois whiner for criticizing UEFA and FIFA.

The Belgium national team goalkeeper criticized UEFA and FIFA after the defeat against Italy in the Nations league third place match, but was called a whiner by Rafael van der Vaart.

The Nations League final four raised many questions about the logic of the tournament. In particular, the goalkeeper of the Belgium national team Thibaut Courtois expressed his displeasure in a harsh manner. The Red Devils lost the semifinal match to France after a 2-0 lead and ended up in Italy for third place.

There they lost to the reigning European champions, which is why Courtois said that the match for third place does not make sense, strains the players and only brings additional money to FIFA and UEFA,

“Next year we will have the World Cup in November, and then we will continue to play for the clubs until June. There will be injuries. Nobody thinks about footballers. Four more Nations League games will be added in June, followed by a two-week vacation. But this is not enough for the players to be able to perform at the highest level for 12 months.

If we don't speak up, everything will remain the same. FIFA and UEFA oppose the Super League, but do the same. They add games, new tournaments, Conference League or whatever it’s called. It's always the same,” Thibault summed up.

Rafael van der Vaart opposed him in revenge. The Dutch football legend tamed Courtois and called him a whiner:

“In my opinion, this is nonsense. You have a vacation for six months. You only play football, and the clubs pay you a lot of money. Yes, the schedule of matches is tight, but we all went through it. Competitions are the most fun in football. So he just whines,” van der Vaart said.

In the days of van der Vaart, there really were not so many matches and injuries as a result. This especially affected the post-quarantine period, when a lot of football players did not play for half of the last season. In this situation, We tend to side with Courtois more, because the perception of the players is different, although only 10-15 years have passed.

FIFA, UEFA and the Super League really have the opportunity to increase earnings in their heads. Even the reform of the Champions League implies an increase in the number of matches, so there is nothing to argue about. Another thing is that in 2021 we are already accustomed to widespread criticism and it looks like a normal when football players express dissatisfaction at such a large-scale level.

Wouldn’t you agree that such words could only be heard from coaches and management before? Their opinion looked more weighty. But do not forget that Courtois plays at Real Madrid, so the opportunity to throw stones at UEFA and FIFA cannot be missed. Going back to the topic of discussion, we will add that as for me, the match for the third place in the Nations League really doesn’t make sense. Since there is no such match at the European Championship, why should it be at a tournament with an even lower status?