Barcelona to keep Pedri for five years!

Barcelona to keep Pedri for five years!

Pedri signed a contract with Barcelona until the summer of 2026. The compensation sum in his contract is one billion euros.

Since Barcelona are clearly having financial difficulties, they have taken the path of retaining their top stars. One of these was the product of La Masia Pedri, who played 53 matches for the Catalan giants last season.

Over the past season and a half, Pedri has become an integral part of modern Barcelona. Barcelona, which are full of problems and therefore the weight of this progress of the 18-year-old is slightly blurred, but it should not be underestimated. This is evidenced by at least Pedri's participation in Euro 2020 and an important role in the structure of the game of Luis Enrique.

So we’re not surprised the midfielder signed a new deal with Barcelona until 2026. This is a correct and logical move by the club's management, which is aimed at rapprochement with the fans. After the departure of Lionel Messi, Laporta and the company had a hard time, because the trust in the bosses has noticeably dropped. Therefore, the loss of the young prodigies Pedri and Fati would be a verdict for Laporta. Hence the five-year contract. This was also the reason for the compensation of one billion euros.

But is this really a panacea for football players leaving? Of course not. We all witnessed the loan of Saul from Atlético to Chelsea. The guy in 2017 signed an unprecedented nine-year contract with Madrid. But time has made its own adjustments and four years later he is already warming the bench in the team of Thomas Tuchel.

In terms of marketing and fan trust, Laporta did the right thing. He had to convince fans of the long-term nature of the Barcelona project. And since it is impossible to buy performers now, he needs to keep at least what he had and Pedri is a key link in modern Barça, like Fati. If they left, the fans would have stormed Camp Nou without hesitation.