Mbappe has made a decision where will he play

Mbappe has made a decision where will he play

One of the PSG and France national team leaders Kylian Mbappe will definitely not stay at Paris Saint-Germain, but will move to Real.

This summer, Kylian Mbappe announced that he was not going to extend his contract with PSG and intends to leave. Before the end of the transfer window, there was still time to sell the forward and get at least some money, but the Parisians went into opposition. Sports director Leonardo, along with the club management, decided to convince Kylian to renew the contract, but it seems that all attempts were in vain.

This became known to As according to one of the people close to the player,

“Mbappe has made a decision and money influenced him least of all. He will not extend his contract with PSG even for all the gold in the world. He decided everything a long time ago, and nothing will change that. He wants to succeed in Madrid and will do it. Kylian wants to wait until June 30th. On this day, his dream will come true,” the source said.

Not so long ago, the French media featured information about a salary of 50 million euros per year, which the Parisians offered Mbappe. Apparently, the money is really not that big of an interest for the author of the winning goal of the France national team in the final of the Nations League as in the prospect of the project itself.

It seems to us that the only reason a striker can stay in Paris is his family. A week ago, the player's mom said that negotiations with PSG are going well and she spoke personally with Leonardo. There was also news, which said that Mbappe's entourage would like to prolong the contract with the current club for 1-2 years.

We think there is a lot of pressure on Kylian both in the club and in the family. Everyone around him wants him to stay, because problems with moving and a lower salary are important factors for the comfort of his environment. PSG needs prestige and advertising contracts, so the benefits are clear. But if a player really wants to declare himself in a more competitive environment, he will go to Real, no matter what, and no one will convince him otherwise.