There’s no avoiding WC every two years!

There’s no avoiding WC every two years!

The project with holding the World Cup every two years in inevitable. Infantino is keeping the situation under control.

It looks like we will witness the fact that the FIFA World Cup will be held every two years. The clubs continue to be ignored, with FIFA President Gianni Infantino talking about the benefits of such a change. Even Arsene Wenger is involved in the process of PR innovations, who is trying to smooth things over and win the favor of human rights organizations.

In a recent interview, Infantino stated,

“The advantages of the option with the World Cup every two years seem obvious to me. More competitions of the highest level, more chances to bring hope and fun to the world. When it was decided to hold the World Cup every 4 years, there were only 40 teams. Now there are 211 of them.

There is talk about holding the World Cup in five countries at a time, and if we assume that once a year there will be either a men's or a women's championship, then in 20 years the organizers of the competition will be able to visit 100 countries,” the FIFA President said.

This fits into the outline of his latest words about the possible holding of the World Cup in Israel, Palestine and neighboring countries as early as 2030. It is clear that this is done to attract spectators and make more money for states that previously did not have the opportunity to compete for the right to host the tournament.

In this form, the world cup will depreciate as much as the victory itself for the national teams. At the same time, the Qataris, who have invested a lot of money and effort on the right to host the 2022 World Cup, will look comical, given the lowering of the entry threshold for other states.

But what about footballers? In this case, Arsene Wenger proposed a reallocation of the national team calendar in favor of rarer but longer windows to reduce the number of players traveling. Also, the Frenchman complains about the introduction of a mandatory rest period for football players.

It's good that they talk about this, but it seems to me that this is nothing more than a ploy for organizations defending the rights of football players to give the green light to the Infantino project. Even if they manage to reduce the number of days players spend on national teams from 50 to 30 per year and reduce the qualifying round of international tournaments to seven matches, there is no chance that this will reduce the workload or injuries.

Plus, how would the players themselves return to the club after a longer absence and reenter another workflow? It seems to me that this reform will only help the middle-tier teams to achieve better results against the top teams, as they continue to train and be better prepared for the continuation of the season. We do not see any arguments in favor of holding the World Cup every two years, other than increasing financial investments. And all attempts to justify this with an imaginary decrease in loads will be broken by the results of the top teams and the number of injuries.