Battle with Super League is going a national level!

Battle with Super League is going a national level!

The Super League project has attracted attention of the Spanish government, which is also against it.

After UEFA did not receive support against the Super League project in a Madrid court, the organization had to drop the case against its founders, Real Madrid, Catalan Barcelona and Turinian Juventus. Also, Aleksander Ceferin and the company refused monetary claims from clubs that left the Super League. But this did not prevent the main football body in Europe from appealing the decision of the Madrid court and seeking the removal of the referee.

But this is only half the battle, because a whole state has entered the game. The Spanish government has supported UEFA, La Liga and the local football federation in fighting the project and litigation. The kingdom's lawyers sent a letter to the Court of Justice of the European Union with the hope of finally closing the project, even before it starts.

As you can see, this is no longer a trial in the football legal field, it is a problem of the interests of the state, and there is nothing to underestimate. We wonder if the representatives of Great Britain, Germany and France, who openly condemned the Super League, will reach for the Spanish government or will they stay on the sidelines?

In any case, the bosses of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus can take advantage of the situation, following the example of the plot of the Spanish TV series The Paper House. If they correctly pump the fans with information, which has not yet been done, then they can act as messiahs in the fight against monopolists – the whole government.

As for me, this is the perfect moment for such a trick, because if the European Union supports the idea of insolvency and danger of the Super League, Florentino Perez, Joan Laporta and Andrea Agnelli will have no chance to compete against such a powerful Leviathan. And it can only be suppressed quantitatively, thanks to fan support and protests.

The situation itself looks interesting and which of the evils is worse, the Super League or the new project of the Champions League, we will not know without seeing it in practice. Therefore, we would not openly support UEFA or the triple alliance of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. Time will put everything in its place.