Leboeuf has called PSG’s main problems!

Leboeuf has called PSG’s main problems!

Former Chelsea defender and French legend Franck Leboeuf named PSG's main problems and defended Mauricio Pochettino.

PSG's problems come up from different angles. This summer, the team had a very cool transfer campaign, but the output is far from the results they wanted to achieve in the first few months of the season.

Sergio Ramos, who came to the club, has not yet played a single match for the new team and there are already rumors about his possible departure. Jorginho Wijnaldum began to look good only in recent mathes and even scored a double against Leipzig in the Champions League. Donnarumma has recently started to appear more often on the pitch, Hakimi is also progressing. But Messi still cannot find his game.

The last match with Leipzig was indicative in the sense that a team with not so cool performers is able to press the French giant with moments at the beginning of the match. And the problem here lies not so much in the coach as in the ideology of the current PSG,

“There are three players who have to do what they want. They do what they want, and the rest must defend and compensate for it. So it's a big mess, but there's nothing you can do about it. If Neymar, Mbappe, Messi are ready to play, you have to let them out.

So what's the coach's fault? For me, there isn’t one. We saw Laurent Blanc do his best, we saw Comboiret, we saw Emery and Tuchel - all the same thing, and we thought they were all shitty coaches. One of them won the Europa League last season and the other won the Champions League. You know, I will not condemn Pochettino, because if he leaves and wins the Champions League with the next club, perhaps some people will start noticing problems at PSG,” Leboeuf said.

And Leboeuf is absolutely right here. PSG do not have enough players to put pressure on, which is why the team's defense suffers catastrophically. Pochettino is a hostage of the situation, because he cannot marinate expensive performers on the bench, which, in theory, should make a difference. But in practice, we see a completely different picture.

As a result, due to a smaller number of players involved in defensive actions, PSG concede stupid goals. No matter how you replace the quantity with the quality of the defending players, it will still not allow you to compensate for the missing elements on the pitch. Therefore, the possible departure of Pochettino from PSG will not look like a failure of the coach, but a failure of the club's management due to their imperialist approach.