Xavi’s back! But for how long?

Xavi’s back! But for how long?

Xavi has become a new head coach of Catalan Barcelona in the most inappropriate moment for that.

The saga of Xavi's return to Barcelona is over. He has officially returned and has become head coach. But is this really what the club needs right now?

Lately, there have been many different models of what Barcelona should have done in the media. Some experts said that Bielsa had to be invited to the club, who would again teach the players to run and would not play nice with them. He would either bring back the spirit of battle to Camp Nou, or he would completely destroy the team and leave after a couple of months.

But Barça continued to follow the path of least resistance. The club understood that nowadays few people are interested in cleaning out the Augean stables, except for the products, whose Blaugrana colors have dug into their DNA. Therefore, the emphasis was on Xavi. Barcelona President Joan Laporta didn't even bother to fly to Qatar to negotiate the coach's transfer. All issues were decided by Xavi himself and he also paid a penalty of 5 million euros for breaking the contract, since Barca could not do this. They still haven’t paid compensation for Quique Setien and Ronald Koeman.

After his appointment, Xavi made a post on Instagram,

“… I know that I am returning to the club at a difficult moment, but I accept this challenge with great hopes. I will work and fight to get to the place we deserve.

Thank you for your trust, Barcelona. I am grateful to all the fans who felt that I should take on such an important role. The story continues...” Xavi wrote.

On the one hand, Xavi is easy to understand. This is his home club, to which he devoted almost his whole life and he does not like to see how the alma mater is in a fever. He is ready to go there at any moment in order to help somehow. On the other hand, now it is clearly not the right situation to start his march at the European giant.

We've already seen bad examples recently with Thierry Henry at Monaco, or with Frank Lampard at Chelsea. They were replaced by more skilled managers. The same can happen with Xavi, when Barcelona comes out of the crisis, and the results will not inspire confidence and they will be able to invite a good manager. It will be a shame to look at this story through the eyes of Xavi, but this is his choice, and he made it.