Lampard is expected at Norwich

Lampard is expected at Norwich

Derby County and London’s Chelsea former manager Frank Lampard may head Norwich.

Norwich are the first to come to mind when it comes to this season's underdogs in the Premier League. And while Newcastle has yet to win a single match in 11 rounds, the Canaries are the last in the league with five points.

The management of the club beautifully end the story of Daniel Farke’s coaching, giving him a final victory over Brentford before leaving, after which the German resigned. And now one of the main contenders for the manager’s post at Norwich is Frank Lampard.

The Chelsea legend and dispatcher has been unemployed since January this year. Back then, he was fired for unsatisfactory results and Thomas Tuchel was invited to the Blues camp. The German managed to immediately take the Champions League title, which made the fans forget about the Englishman. But so far the Canaries have not made a choice in favor of the ex-manager of the Pensioners and are considering various options, but Lampard has a chance.

He showed himself well in the Championship with Derby County and even fought for the Premier League. In addition, he started off well at Chelsea and held his post confidently for a long time. But, frankly, We have little faith that he will succeed in the camp of one of the main outsiders in the league.

The reasons for this are commonplace. Yes, he knows how to work with such performers who are gathered at Norwich. But he achieved results with such guys in the Championship, not in the Premier League. In addition, he was unable to establish the atmosphere in the locker room during the difficult times at Chelsea. Therefore, it is very risky for modern Norwich to bet on Lampard, when the cost of relegation and the loss of millions of pounds of sponsorship is at stake.

We are more likely to believe that they’ll take Steve Bruce, who left Newcastle, or even call Sam Allardyce, who knows a lot about saving clubs. And Lampard's invitation looks beneficial only from the media point of view, but no more. In addition, We have great doubts that Frank himself is interested in working on such a difficult and thankless project.