Are Germany ready to confront top national teams?

Are Germany ready to confront top national teams?

Germany national team head coach Hans-Dieter Flick reckons that his side can fight with the best national teams in the world.

After winning the World Cup in 2014, an expected process overtook the Germany national team - a generational change. It dragged on for another couple of years, but at Euro 2016 already, Bundesteam stumbled in the semifinals against balanced France. Then Joachim Low began to fight this in the most radical way - he refused the veterans and made a bet on the youth.

At the World Cup in Russia already, Germany failed miserably, taking the last place in the group with Sweden, Mexico and South Korea. This year, Euro did not bring positive results, and the Germans were eliminated in the round of 16, having lost to England.

The coming of young and progressive Flick to the post was a logical step towards the return of its former greatness. Under him, the team produced a powerful spurt, beating all rivals in the qualification for the World Cup with a total score of 28:2 in seven matches. And even if those were games against Liechtenstein, Armenia, Iceland and North Macedonia, this was enough for Flick to swing at more eminent opponents,

“We have very high-quality players in every position. We also have world class players in many positions.

We can no longer be in the shadows, I think we are able to withstand the strongest opponents. Our matches showed that we have regained our character and adjusted our playing formations,” Flick said in an interview with GGFN.

Germany have noticeably changed after the Euro. Flick managed to combine experience with youth and this affected the results. But let's be honest, the strength of the German machine hasn’t been put to the real test yet. The bad thing for Flick is that now he will be able to test his guys either in friendly matches, or in the Nations League matches, which start in June next year already and also inherently have the status of semi-friendly matches.

Therefore, neither the coach nor the fans of the Germany national team will be able to find out their true level against such rivals, and this can play a big part in the upcoming World Cup. In this regard, the national teams of Italy, Spain and France look much more solid and will definitely be among the first in the contenders for the prize places.