Match against Man City may be Pochettino’s last!

Match against Man City may be Pochettino’s last!

Mauricio Pochettino is risking to leave the PSG head coach post, if the club management will not be satisfied with the result of the second match against Real Madrid in the Champions League.

PSG's game this season cannot be called stable. Mauricio Pochettino's team, having solidly renewed itself during the summer break, does not show the game that fans and management would like to see from it. While the Parisians are doing well in the championship, then there are certain difficulties in the Champions League. They are in second place with two wins and two draws.

At the same time, Pochettino's men beat Manchester City in the first round, 2:0, and it seemed that there were no difficulties for the Argentine coach. But according to Spanish journalist Francesc Aguilar, the Qatari owners do not like PSG's lackluster play and the lack of stability after a multimillion-dollar investment in the summer.

Pochettino is widely criticized for being second in Ligue 1 last season and losing to PSG in the Champions League semi-finals. So far, it’s been very difficult for him to combine the position of a coach and a manager. Not so long ago, he himself stated that working with star players is very difficult for him,

“At PSG, me and my staff deal with the best players in the world, but also with their families, environment, fans. It is not simple. Everyone discusses that a player does not adapt, another one suffers, another one has a problem. What about personal questions? Aren't the other members of the club having problems? But we have obligations.

We need to look for a balance, this also applies to footballers. The environment often leads players to believe that they only have rights but no responsibilities. When the balance is disturbed, everything starts to go awry,” the coach shared his thoughts in an interview with L'Equipe.

Perhaps the points of problems with micromanagement and Pochettino's inability to work with the atmosphere in a team remain decisive. He did not have such experience before and it is very difficult to gain it in a few months when Messi, Ramos, Neymar and Mbappe play in the same team.

Perhaps the Argentine took on such a heavy burden early on and would be best off to leave. At the moment he is not doing well. But it seems to me that Mauricio will still be allowed to finish the group stage of the Champions League at the club and then his future will be decided.