Chelsea get revenge on Juventus!

Chelsea get revenge on Juventus!

London’s Chelsea beat Juventus, 4:0, in the Champions League group stage matchday 5 and lead the group H.

Juventus are still having problems entering the season. Difficulties with getting into the Serie A top four were now confirmed by the result in the Champions League. The victory in Turin did not look convincing for the hosts, so Chelsea clearly wanted to take revenge, which they did in the end.

Initially, there were no radical changes in the teams' lineups. The only thing that caught our eye was the absence of attacking leaders from both teams. Chelsea entered the pitch without Lukaku and Werner, while Juventus did not have Paulo Dybala.

From the very first minutes, the Londoners showed that they would play against the opponents, meeting them high. In the second minute Already, N’Golo Kante dragged the ball into rivals’ penalty area, but there were not enough players in blue on the rebound. The hosts continued to pressurize due to the saturation of the wings of attack and the constant advance of the ball.

When the guests took the ball away, they could not oppose the activity of Thomas Tuchel's men. Ziyech, Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic immediately dropped lower and helped their partners. Therefore, there was no talk of any control from the Turinians. The only way they ran into the attack on the other side of the pitch was Juan Cuadrado, who, paired with Weston McKennie, dragged the ball through. At Chelsea, the ball was dragged not only by the ubiquitous Kante, but also by Rüdiger, who was gootd at helping the attack.

Nevertheless, the hosts opened the score from the next corner, thanks to a pass from the same Rüdiger on Chalobah, who shot through Szczensny without a chance. The Blues' defense and support zone tightly closed Allegri's most creative player Federico Chiesa, so there was no chance of dangerous moments. The only really worthwhile episode happened when Morata ran away from the defenders and tried to throw over Mendy, but Thiago Silva managed to knock the ball out before it flew over the goal line.

As strange as it may seem, even Kante's injury did not affect the course of the battle, which speaks of the helplessness of modern Juventus and the lack of creativity in the attack. Chelsea came out in the second half and in the first 15 minutes finally slammed the guests with the help of the goals of James and Hudson-Odoi. The goal of the latter became a mockery of the guests' defense and put an end to the match already at 58 minutes.

Werner's fourth goal after McKennie flew away from the ball without resistance is the icing on the cake, representing the problems of the current Old Lady. Without a systemic restructuring, the Italian giants will not be able to return to the previous level of the team that played twice in the Champions League final in three years.