PSG are getting rid of Icardi for Dembele?

PSG are getting rid of Icardi for Dembele?

French PSG want to sell Mauro Icardi and are looking for a striker to replace him. Ousmane Dembele could be it.

Ousmane Dembele's talks with Barcelona have not been successful for four months. According to the Spanish media, the management of the Catalan giants lost faith in the fact that they would take place and the Frenchman would sign a new contract. Xavi still hopes for Dembele's loyalty, but the footballer himself is not eager to continue his career at Camp Nou.

Therefore, the Italian press reports about the practically done negotiations between the agent of Ousmane and Turinese Juventus. With this, Dembele's representatives are trying to increase the player's salary, although there are no game-like weighty arguments for this. The guy is very often injured, is not noted for his efficiency and often violates the regime. Therefore, the question of why Barcelona needs him is becoming more and more relevant.

In this regard, we suppose that PSG's attempt to sell Mauro Icardi may be directly related to the desire of the French club to take the winger. He can also be seen as a replacement for Kylian Mbappe, who will leave for Real Madrid this summer. Looking at this picture, it seems to us that Dembele is perfect for PSG.

They are used to working with players who think of themselves as stars. Violation of the regime and constant injuries are what the coaches and bosses of the Parisian club struggle with in relation to Neymar, behind whom, in addition to talent, huge problems with discipline and stability of performances are hidden.

In an amicable way, Dembele would have to go to a club with a lower rank in order to prove his professional aptitude and ambitions there, and then return to top football. This is the way Memphis Depay went, who rose to the status of the main transfer goal of Barcelona from Lyon. Ousmane, on the other hand, too quickly grabbed the tail of luck and thought that he had achieved everything in his 20 years. Now he is 24, but he is far from being a top club player. Therefore, if he does not go downhill to earn his place in the galaxy of stars, he needs to go where everyone is used to him. That is, at PSG. However, with such a selection of players, I do not believe that the Arab owners will wait for their club to win in the Champions League.