Rangnick believes in van de Beek!

Rangnick believes in van de Beek!

Manchester United head coach Ralf Rangnick believes in midfielder Donnie van de Beek, who hasn’t been getting gaming practice after his move to Man Utd.

Donnie van de Beek had big problems with adaptation to Manchester United under the management of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Then it was not clear who he could replace in the midfield and how the Norwegian uses the strengths of his midfielder. And so it happened, since Solskjaer preferred the pure defensive player Scott McTominay paired with Fred, who worked both offensively and defensively and Bruno Fernandes played above them.

But with the arrival of Rangnick, the Dutchman had a chance to prove himself. While he spends in the Premier League a few minutes per match and sometimes stays on the bench for the entire game, but he has prospects,

“What does van de Beek need to play? Just work hard. As far as I was able to get to know him, he has a great mentality. This guy works well in every workout. Donnie is a team player. And there will be matches in which he will get a chance to play.

I have already spoken with him about his playing practice. We had a long conversation. He also wants to play in order to get into the Netherlands national team and play at the World Cup in Qatar. I understand him, he needs to play. I still believe that we must keep van de Beek. He should definitely stay here until the end of this season and try to get as much playing time as possible,” Utd Report quotes Rangnick.

The question of playing practice for the Dutchman now stands squarely. There were already rumors that he could recover in an interesting project at Newcastle, where he would definitely get time on the pitch and come up prepared for the World Cup. And we think that the transfer this winter would be the most logical for him, since it would give him time to prove himself a year before the World Cup.

Moreover, Rangnick will remain at the club until the summer. And even if Donnie gets his chance and gain a spot in the line-up, it is not a fact that he will be needed after the summer, when a new manager will come to Manchester United. While the World Cup will start only in November.