Fiorentina find replacement for Vlahovic!

Fiorentina find replacement for Vlahovic!

Fiorentina have found a replacement for their forward Dusan Vlahovic, if he decides to leave in the winter already.

This season, Italian Fiorentina had a good start in the league. But despite all the team's results, most of the success rests on the shoulders of the club's Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic. In 19 Serie A matches, he managed to score 16 goals and made two assists. Not surprisingly, he leads the goalscorers’ race and has become of interest for a number of top clubs in Europe, including even London's Arsenal.

Fiorentina understand that this is the perfect time to sell their striker. But at the same time, the club clearly understands that it will be problematic to sell the Serb at a high price in the winter. And they do not want to let Vlahovic go for less than 60 million euros. But the management is already preparing for this departure, having taken on loan the former sensational Serie A killer, Krzysztof Piatek.

The Polish striker quickly shot the intrigue for the title of 2018/19 breakout with 19 goals in 21 games. His further attempts to climb the career ladder were unsuccessful. The guy tried to play at Milan and Hertha, where he looked insecure and lost his passion.

But Fiorentina wanted to resurrect Piatek and loaned him until the end of the current season with a buyout option. It is difficult to say how logical this is for Vlahovic, given the Pole's poor realization in Germany and the infrequent line-up game.

We think that Piatek is taken exclusively for Dusan's security and preparation for his departure. Because it seems to us that in winter there is hardly a buyer for the Serbian striker, given his narrow-minded striker style. But during these six months, Piatek is fully adapting and Fiorentina will be able to buy him on an ongoing basis, letting Vlahovic go on his merry little way. We would be very surprised if the Violets manage to lose the Serb in the winter and hope for Krzysztof alone with the unstable Niсo Gonzalez, Jose Callejon and Aleksandr Kokorin.