Insigne says goodbye to Napoli

Insigne says goodbye to Napoli

The 2021/2022 season is the last one for Lorenzo Insigne as a Napoli player. The footballer is moving to MLS.

In December last year, we discussed the likelihood of Lorenzo Insigne moving under the wing of Antonio Conte to Tottenham and talked about how illogical it would be. Back then Napoli were first and it seemed that Luciano Spalletti's team could finally claim the champions medals.

In this situation, Insigne's departure in the winter would be a real stupidity, because he has been in the club's structure since 2009. But now, when the Neapolitans have confidently slipped to third place and are seven points behind Inter, the winger has decided to go overseas this summer.

Toronto became interested in the candidacy of the small and nimble Italian. The Canadians offered the player 15 million euros a year before taxes and a five-year contract. Therefore, it would be a crime to refuse such a generous offer. And besides, he will finish the season and say nice goodbye to the club in which he spent almost his entire career.

Be that as it may, but 30-year-old Insigne becomes weaker. There have been few challenges in his career, and Napoli President Aurelio de Laurentiis did not contribute to the development of his leader. The greedy functionary has never learned to sell assets while they are in value. That is why Insigne, Mertens, Koulibaly - they all stayed in Naples and are likely to leave for free, as they were held hostage by the local football mafia.

De Laurentiis killed healthy competition in his team by not selling the leaders. This gradually destroyed the microclimate, and the players ceased to believe in achieving their goals, especially after the departure of Maurizio Sarri and the failure of Carlo Ancelotti. From this, Insigne's departure will be overshadowed for me by the fact that the talented footballer did not fully realize himself in the golden Neapolitan cage.