Barca re-sign Umtiti and register Torres

Barca re-sign Umtiti and register Torres

Catalan Barcelona have found a way to register winger Ferran Torres, bought from Manchester City.

Philippe Coutinho's loan to Aston Villa did not allow Barcelona to relax completely. Even taking into account the fact that the Brazilian could leave the club for good in the summer, the Catalans did not have enough headroom to register newcomer Ferran Torres. Therefore, the club's management made a strange, but quite logical move.

Now many clubs that would like to get themselves Barcelona players will deliberately understate offers on them. With this, they forced Joan Laporta to re-sign the contracts with the players. The first in line was Samuel Umtiti. The management was not satisfied with either his salary or the pennies offered by other clubs for the French defender. Therefore, Blaugrana signed a new contract with the player until 2026, cutting his salary by 10%.

At the same time, both Barcelona and Umtiti himself will be able to terminate the contract if before the start of the 2023/24 season one of the parties is paid a certain amount, which is not named. But be that as it may, it is this 10% that the Catalans saved on Umtiti and will allow them to register Ferran Torres.

Of course, given the constant injuries and the terrible shape of the Frenchman over the past three years, he is unlikely to be part of Xavi's plans. Parting with him would be the most logical decision, but not when clubs offer pennies for him. The same story, it seems to us, is now happening with Dembele. Barcelona are trying to inflate the importance of the winger for the team in order to somehow inflate the price tag on him. But, in my opinion, Ousmane does not deserve the 40+ million euros a year that he begs.

If Barça did not start an information war in an attempt to artificially create demand for their players, then we do not understand why they need these renewals of contracts with constantly injured and unmotivated players. Moreover, when financial fires have to be extinguished at the expense of loan money taken by Joan Laporta.