Chiesa will not play until end of season

Chiesa will not play until end of season

The 2021/2022 season has ended for Federico Chiesa halfway after the match with AS Roma.

If you look at the progress of all Italian footballers over the past year, Federico Chiesa stood out noticeably against the backdrop of his teammates. The player showed himself well at Juventus and Euro 2020 even became his benefit.

But, as at the European championship, the winger was overtaken by a misfortune. This time, the cause was a hurt knee. The 24-year-old Italian was replaced in the 32nd minute of the match against Roman Roma, which ended in favor of the Turinese, 3:4. As it turned out later, the cause was the anterior cruciate ligament injury. Now Federico will have an operation and a long course of rehabilitation in the coming days.

We can already say with confidence that Chiesa will no longer play this season. This also applies to matches for the club and matches for the national team, where the Italians will have to fight for qualification to the 2022 World Cup. But besides the pulled out stop-valve in the football player's career, this injury will come back to haunt Juventus.

Yes, the current Juventus are experiencing great difficulties. The team is on the fifth line in the league, scores on a level with Empoli and has no stability in defense. Perhaps the most useful player in the current Old Signora is Juan Cuadrado, given the number of dangerous moments he creates.

Therefore, Chiesa's injury will force Juventus to enter the transfer market in the winter in order to strengthen the attack line. Of course, under such circumstances, there is no longer any talk of Alvaro Morata leaving for Barcelona. After all, the Zebras desperately need to rely on someone ahead of them. In addition, no one denies the return of Pogba or Coman, which are needed to the center. But looking at this picture, one cannot help but empathize with Chiesa, who since January last year has missed more than two months in total due to muscle injuries.

Perhaps Allegri should follow the path of Xavi and dismiss the physiotherapists, given the 24-year-old's injuries. Or should you gradually put an end to the career of the Italian prodigy?