Inter to sign another Argentine!

Inter to sign another Argentine!

Inter are planning to sign Juventus forward Paulo Dybala, who will become a free agent in the summer.

Having played at the club for eight years, the player never became a world football figure. In fact, he was not allowed to do so. The team's coaches did not believe that the Argentine could become a key striker.

Juventus first relied on Higuain, who was one of the top scorers in Serie A, and then even signed Cristiano Ronaldo, shocking the football world. Only the former left for Milan two seasons later, where he finally buried his football career, and the second returned to Manchester United, tired of receiving an undeserved barrage of criticism due to the terrible performances of the team under the leadership of Sarri and Pirlo.

Allegri's return did nothing to improve Dybala's position at the club, but it seems that on the contrary, they only pushed him to leave. After signing Dusan Vlahovic for 80 million euros, the club's management withdrew their offer to extend the contract with the number ten, which was the reason for leaving the club.

Inter is the perfect option to continue career. Obviously, the striker can become a full-fledged replacement for Lautaro Martinez, who is likely to leave the club for Atlético Madrid. In this case, Dybala will become a key player in the team, both in terms of status and playing influence. Nerazzurri are also showing interest in Romelu Lukaku, but the Milanese already have Dzeko, who performs similar tasks that were assigned to the Belgian. However, a potential rookie is prone to injury, may not last a whole season, and as the years go by, this injury proneness only increases. If Inzaghi wants to fight for the Scudetto, he must consider this factor.

The only problem that can prevent the trasnsfer is the salary cap. Inter can offer the newcomer no more than six million euros, which does not quite suit the star striker. However, if the Argentine wants to prove that he is a really tough player who has been undeservedly written off, then this will not stop him.