Ronaldo has found a new club?

Ronaldo has found a new club?

Florentino Perez is planning to bring the Portuguese back to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Since CriRo's departure from Real Madrid in 2018, the striker has not achieved the desired results with new clubs. At Juventus, the Portuguese never won the Champions League, having come to the team during a crisis and the need for restructuring. A return to Manchester United has been a beautiful fairy tale that fans have been waiting for since 2008, but they never managed to win the Premier League from the get go, imposing a struggle between City and Liverpool. The Red Devils couldn't even get into the Champions League zone, and ten Hag says bluntly that he doesn't need Ronaldo. Obviously, it is necessary to look for a new club. Only it is clearly not Real.

Los Blancos are no longer the team it was 4 years ago. New stars have appeared in the club and the team is headed by another coach. Ancelotti, despite the limited resources, was able to build a mechanism that allowed Madrid to win La Liga and fight for the Champions League. Ronaldo and Papa Carlo have already worked together, but now the Italian will not build a game around the Portuguese.

The role of the first violin in his team is played by Karim Benzema. Over the years, Cristiano has lost all the skills of playing on the wing and now plays in the forward position. It is unlikely that the specialist will sacrifice the Frenchman, who is confidently going to the Ballon d’Or, so that the number seven would again show a phenomenal performance. And even if we assume that Ronaldo can return to the wing, then Vinicius plays on the left in the attack, who interacts well with Karim. The Brazilian is fast, technical and perfectly stretches the ball to the wing of the attack, which the Portuguese is already physically unable to do.

Ronaldo's return also complicates Mbappe's potential move. Yes, Kyllian plays in a different position, but the issue of interaction remains important. In Paris, Kylian was never able to play with an equally big figure in football - Leo Messi. The young Frenchman pulled the blanket over himself, ignoring the Argentine at the end of the attacks, thereby showing that he does not care about the authorities and he will be number one. This is clearly not like the five-time winner of the Champions League Cup.

The departure of Mr. C suggests itself. Manchester United launches a global restructuring, where the 37-year-old footballer is clearly superfluous. Only to return to Real now is to admit defeat and return as a prodigal son to Madrid. The footballer clearly does not want to end his career like this. A more acceptable choice in this case is to go to America and build a media empire following the example of Beckham, or return to Sporting, where the story of Ronaldo as a football player began.