UEFA to create summer tournament!

UEFA to create summer tournament!

French L'Équipe announces UEFA's desire to reform European football! From 2024, it is planned to play the Final Four with the participation of the Champions League winner. The changes will also affect the European Super Cup.

From the end of May to mid-August, the off-season period begins in European football. Football players go on vacation, then they come back and gradually prepare for a new campaign. And in even years, most of them represent their countries at the continental and world levels. Even in the summer, clubs enter the transfer market in order to reinforce.

But UEFA plans to break this idyll and launch the so-called Final Four from 2024. The winner of the Champions League and three other clubs are guaranteed to perform there, the selection principle of which is still unknown. The competition will include two semi-finals, a final and a match for third place. And it is planned to be held in the United States, in order to popularize football overseas and increase income. Let us remind you that in the same 2024, the Champions League will change its format and expand to 36 teams.

These changes will also affect the UEFA Super Cup, which since the 1999/2000 season has been played between the winners of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup/Europa League on a neutral ground. After the reform, this trophy will be played between the best teams of the newly created Conference League and the Europa League. Thus, the prestige of the tournament will drop significantly. For example, if the UEFA Super Cup were held in this format now, then Roma and Eintracht would play in it.

In recent years, UEFA has undertaken major reforms in football. Tournaments under the auspices of the Nations League and the Conference League are another confirmation of this. There are more matches now, respectively, and the income of the main football organization of the Old World also has increased. It is only the players and coaches who suffer, who have less and less time for proper rest. This increases the number of loads and, as a result, injuries. But UEFA doesn't really care, because there is a lot of money at stake from the American and Asian markets.

We believe that the Final Four will still be launched, and the nuances of its holding are still in development mode. A few big clubs will put up with an extra two high-responsibility matches, and the public in the US will be thrilled to see world football stars live. Only now the number 1 sports game in the world is becoming more and more commercial, which pleases not all of its fans.