Real Madrid to part ways with their leaders!

Real Madrid to part ways with their leaders!

Marcelo, Isco and Gareth Bale have already left Real Madrid in the summer off-season. And Toni Kroos, Marco Asensio and Dani Ceballos’ contracts expire in a year and are unlikely to be extended.

Every football team in the world periodically undergoes a generational change. This is because even legendary players lose their level over time and need to be replaced by younger performers. Or the parties simply failed to reach an agreement on the contract extension.

Real Madrid took the fourteenth Champions League Cup in history in brilliant style, after which they made a serious purge in the team. The first to leave the ranks of Los Blancos was left-back Marcelo, who was on contract with the Madrid club for 15 years. During that time, the Brazilian took all the possible trophies and now he will go to finish playing at home. Isco's employment contract with Gareth Bale also ended. These players are younger than Marcelo and they have not yet had the last word in football. Therefore, Real will try to successfully sell them, simultaneously reducing the payroll by almost 50 million euros.

Marco Asensio, at the age of 26, has scored 10 goals in the Primera and became the club's third scorer after Benzema and Vinicius. But even against the backdrop of such successes, Real Madrid do not plan to extend cooperation with him. Rumors link Marco to Liverpool - it would be a great deal for Liverpool. The Italian champions Milan is also interested in Asensio's services.

Dani Ceballos has never been a key player in Los Blancos. He even spent two years at Arsenal on loan. And now Real Madrid wants to sell him, given the recent purchase of Tchouameni. We won't be surprised if the 25-year-old Spaniard shows up again in the Albion, because he has a serious playing potential.

The longtime club legend Toni Kroos is also close to leaving Real Madrid. He does not want to extend the contract expiring in 2023, which pretty much surprised Madrid boss Florentino Perez. Apparently, Tony felt that Tchouameni's move would have a negative impact on his career at the Santiago Bernabeu. So far, no one intends to buy him, but Juventus often sin with such transfers. At 32, Kroos will easily adapt to the Serie A regulations, and the Old Signora will meet his financial demands.

Luka Jovic is also reportedly of interest to Fiorentina. And the future of Eden Hazard in the Royal Club is shrouded in mystery. As you can see, in the 2022/23 season, Real Madrid will appear in a new look. He frankly made a course towards rejuvenation and a reduction in the payroll. Such an approach will help Los Blancos in the next transfer window to buy a few more football superstars and further increase the lead against the financial crisis of Barcelona.