William Carvalho may turn up in Arsenal

William Carvalho may turn up in Arsenal

According to BetStars, Arsenal would like to sign Sporting Lisbon’s midfielder William Carvalho.

William Carvalho has been connected to the English Premier League for a long time, but the deal is still far from being fulfilled.

Some sources say, that Arsenal had shown interest in the Portuguese defender for some time, and as reported, have returned to it this transfer window.

The famous insider Tancredi Palmeri claims, that the Gunners have had negotiations with Sporting las weekend and now it remains to approve small details.

Bookmakers from BetStars, in their turn, predict Carvalho’s transfer to the Gunners camp with the odds of 2/1. However, as the operator claims, the defender is closely followed by Newcastle, which have returned to the EPL.