UEFA for globalization of football!

UEFA for globalization of football!

In the next few years, UEFA may take a radical step - to host the Champions League final in the United States of America! The possibility of transferring a small number of European competition matches outside the Old World is also being discussed.

For a long time, the format of the Champions League has remained unchanged. Thirty-two teams played in the main draw of the tournament, which were divided into eight groups. The two best teams went to the playoffs, and then according to the Olympic system. The final was held at a capacious European stadium, each time in a new city. UEFA announced in advance, in which one, and that match was guaranteed to be a festivity for millions of European fans.

However, now is the time for change. Back in the spring of 2021, the bosses of Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona announced the creation of the Super League. UEFA quickly cut down that idea in the bud, but still made some compromise. Starting from the 2024/25 season, the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League will expand to 36 teams and matches will be played according to the Swiss system. It involves draws after each game day, which will introduce an element of surprise into the tournament process.

But this was not enough for UEFA. The association is now considering hosting the Champions League final outside of Europe. As an option, in the USA, where there is a developed infrastructure, spacious arenas, as well as a huge number of solvent fans. It is the latter factor that will be decisive in the future decision of the officials. They already imagine how much they will earn on such a match, which will be attended by 100,000 fans somewhere in New York.

It is noteworthy that such an idea found approval among the owners of European top clubs. For example, the head of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, proposes to hold outside Europe not only the Champions League final, but also some group stage matches as a pilot project, as well as the UEFA Super Cup. It's no secret that such a development will not suit ordinary fans, so they need to be accustomed to innovations gradually.

As for us, such desires of UEFA only harm the authenticity of football. They will create a lot of problems for the main characters of the game, who already suffer from an overabundance of matches and frequent flights. Yes, the Champions League finalists will delight overseas football fans with their game, but the average European is unlikely to be happy about the prospect of getting up in the middle of the night to support his favorite club. But, given the latest trends, the opinion of a mere mortal means less and less to officials.