Griezmann’s future is getting clearer?

Griezmann’s future is getting clearer?

France national team forward Antoine Griezmann is close to a contract with Atlético on a permanent basis! Let us remind you that in the 2021/22 season he was loaned from Barcelona, ​​where he proved himself to be not the best.

Griezmann began his Spanish career at Real Sociedad, from where he moved to Atlético in 2015. There he demonstrated his best football in his career, constantly scoring at least 15 goals per season. Then there were a couple of years at Barcelona - not the worst in terms of performance, but morally very difficult. They bought the football player for 100 million euros, the Catalans expected him to play at the level of Messi, but Griezmann did not live up to expectations.

In the course of clearing the roster with the aim of reducing payroll, Barcelona sent Antoine to Atlético for two years. Even after returning to his home club, the 31-year-old Frenchman was a pale shadow of himself. And in the current campaign, he also turned out to be a hostage of a stupid situation.

In almost every match, Los Colchoneros let Griezmann out on the pitch for a maximum of half an hour. Such restrictions are related to the terms of the loan. After all, the more Antoine plays, the more money Atlético will pay for his buyout. Madrid decided to save money, although they are still counting on the football player.

A potential deal between Barcelona and Los Colchoneros regarding Griezmann's transfer will take place this winter. The Catalans demand at least 25 million euros for the Frenchman, while Atlético will try to lower the price. No matter how hard it is, Antoine's best years are far behind, and overpaying for a player who still has two or three years left in football is not the best idea.

In our opinion, Barcelona will have no problem getting rid of Griezmann, since this summer they have seriously strengthened their attack - there is simply no place for the Frenchman there. But Antoine will still bring a lot of benefits for Atlético. Regularly performing in the starting XI, he can still return to his best form. And the Frenchman just has to wait out the situation with the minute limit.