Will Atletico sack Simeone?

Will Atletico sack Simeone?

Atlético Madrid head coach Diego Simeone is very close to losing his job due to poor performances this season! Mauricio Pochettino and Luis Enrique can replace El Cholo as Los Colchoneros’ manager.

Simeone came to Atletico at the end of 2011 and during this time he managed to turn the club into a very formidable force not only in Spain, but also at the continental level. Two La Liga titles, the Spanish Cup, two triumphs in the Europa League and the same number of appearances in the Champions League final are a vivid confirmation of this. Under Simeone’s management, such outstanding personalities as Diego Godin, Luis Suarez, Diego Costa and Jan Oblak performed.

Back in the 2020/21 campaign, nothing foreshadowed trouble. Atlético took advantage of the local failures of Real and Barcelona and stole the Spanish championship title from them. At that time, Los Colchoneros still used their main feature - ironclad discipline with reliable actions in defense. Scores 1-0 and 2-0 were their most popular, and goalkeeper Jan Oblak received several Zamora Trofeos.

Time passed, and the old leaders of the club either retired or approached the end of their careers. Atlético started spending more money on the transfer market. The Madrid squad became much more attacking, but Simeone kept doing what he did. It is hard to imagine that performers like João Felix want to work more for destruction than for creation. The somewhat old-fashioned vision of the game by the Argentine in modern football no longer works. As a result, Atlético began to concede in almost every meeting and at the same time regularly lose points.

For example, for the first time under Simeone, Los Colchoneros did not leave the Champions League group, where, in addition to them, there were Brugge, Porto and Bayer. In the league, they conceded three goals from Cadiz and could not beat Espanyol, who played almost the entire match in minority. After fifteen rounds, Atlético have earned 24 points and are fifth. The lag behind third place is only two points - but will the club's bosses go for a reshuffle on the coaching bridge?

We believe that this is unlikely to happen in the coming offseason. After the World Cup, Atlético's game schedule will be much simpler, which will allow El Cholo to improve tournament performance and still win back his usual third (or fourth) position. The dismissal of the Argentine now means payment of a huge penalty, and if he gets into the Champions League, all Simeone's failures will be instantly forgotten. If he fails, then in the summer Los Colchoneros will definitely find a new specialist with a different vision of football.