The golden generation of Belgium is falling apart before our eyes!

The golden generation of Belgium is falling apart before our eyes!

Four years ago, Belgium were one of the main contenders for victory in the World Cup, and now their key players Eden Hazard, Vertonghen and De Bruyne are making a scandal out of the blue! The Red Devils themselves are at risk of being eliminated from the 2022 World Cup at the group stage already.

The tense atmosphere in the Belgian locker room is a predictable phenomenon, since this team performs rather mediocrely at the World Cup in Qatar. In the starting round, Canada were defeated (1-0), but the representatives of CONCACAF were far superior to the Red Devils in terms of scoring chances. Then there was a sensational fiasco 0-2 from strong, but not the most formidable Morocco. And ahead is an existential battle with Croatia, where only victory will suit Martinez's men.

It is the Spanish coach of the Belgium national team that is directly responsible for the likely failure. He stubbornly plays a 3-5-2 tactical formation, which is absolutely not suitable for today's squad situation of the Red Devils. The leaders, Eden Hazard and De Bruyne, are not playing at their native position, and mediocre players of the caliber of Meunier and Thorgan Hazard plow the wings. Add the absence due to injury Lukaku, frankly football-tired centre-half Witsel and a couple of aging center-backs - and you can understand the reason for all the team's failures.

I will add that the peak of the so-called “golden generation” of Belgium passed in 2018. Back then, at the World Cup in Russia, they won bronze, and already at Euro 2020, the aged Red Devils dropped out in the quarterfinals. Now the leaders of this team are over 30 years old, and new stars do not appear. Trossard, Onana, Castagne, Tielemans - with all due respect to these performers, they are no better than today's generation in Denmark or Switzerland.

And if the main stars of the team are fighting in the locker room, then even the efforts of the youth and all the coaching tricks are not enough for the final success. It's good that Romelu Lukaku somehow tried to reconcile them. Now is not the kind of football for conflicts to unite the team, and it gave the maximum possible result. Against the background of such Belgium, their next rival in Group F Croatia look much more solid.

Every year the selection criteria for the European and World Cups are becoming more loyal, so Belgium will almost always get into such tournaments. But the “golden generation” named after Hazard, De Bruyne, Courtois and Lukaku is in the past - the new generation of footballers no longer has such a star status. In the future, the Red Devils risk becoming a coaching team - provided they fire Martinez and find a better specialist.