Conte is no longer football wizard?

Conte is no longer football wizard?

Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte has admitted his defeat in the fight for the Premier League title! A weird act from a specialist who has previously taken gold medals at Chelsea, Inter and Juventus - most often when few people expected it.

In 2011, Juventus appointed their former football player Antonio Conte, who headed Siena at that time, as head coach. Surprisingly, the 42-year-old quickly shook up Bianconeri and led them to the title after two consecutive seventh places. And then began that amazing nine-year streak with the Scudetto, along with two appearances to the Champions League finals.

Having changed the Turin giants, Conte fell out with the club's management and left for the national team, which he led to the Euro 2016 quarterfinals. He then took charge of Chelsea and surprisingly finished first after tenth in the 2015/16 campaign. Also, there were gold medals with Inter in 2021 in the biography of the specialist, after which he took Tottenham, where miracles were also expected from him.

In his first year in London, Conte led Spurs to fourth place, and now the club is fifth, narrowly behind the Champions League zone. It seems that the title is not so far away, but after a 0-2 home defeat to Aston Villa, the Italian admitted his powerlessness in the fight for the top positions. He mentioned that the club needs a serious reinforcement in every position, and for a lot of money. It is very strange, because signor Antonio did not say that in previous clubs.

As for us, right now we see the true level of this specialist. His rise at Juventus was associated with the fall of both Milan giants into the abyss of crisis. Chelsea triumphed not only at the expense of the then innovative three-centre-back formation. He also took advantage of the restructuring process in the then Manchester City and Liverpool, the decline of Manchester United and Arsenal, and Pochettino’s Tottenham already jumped above their heads. Inter under Conte was the strongest club in Italy with the best attack in Serie A, an excellent goalkeeper and huge financial opportunities.

All new trends in football eventually go out of fashion. Now tiki-taka is no longer relevant, as is the most straightforward football performed by Conte. Many teams have found an antidote to 3-5-2 and 3-4-3 formations and have been successful with Spurs. Yes, Antonio has enough players with character, but it is no longer possible to squeeze 200% of their capabilities out of them. The Italian coach can surprise not at a long distance, but in European competitions, where he had often failed before.