Being a Roma Senator is no longer trendy?

Being a Roma Senator is no longer trendy?

Roma forward Nicolo Zaniolo is not eager to continue his career in the ranks of the Giallorossi! The 23-year-old player is currently being targeted by Tottenham, West Ham and Milan, who need to improve their attacking potential.

Zaniolo began his football biography at Roma at the age of 19. Back then, they saw the future of the club in him and a bright follower of Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi. In the first two seasons, things went pretty well for Nicolo, but on January 13, 2020, he suffered a severe knee injury, which is why he risked missing Euro 2020. The coronavirus pandemic postponed the tournament for a year, but, having returned to the field, Zaniolo once again injured his cruciate ligament and this time finally flew past the gold medals of the Squadra Azzurra at the continental forum.

Two serious injuries by the age of 23 is a serious blow to any athlete, is it npt? Even now, having stabilized his health, Zaniolo does not demonstrate even 50% of the potential that he had three years ago. Nicolo does not play most of the matches to the end, and there is not so much benefit from him on the football field.

However, the striker believes that he is able to play in a more ambitious team than Roma. Even winning the Conference League, in his opinion, is worse than just participating in the Premier League. It is from there that Zaniolo is actively being invited. Although both Tottenham and West Ham cannot boast of stability in results now. Head coach Antonio Conte is also leaving the former, and the new boss may not need Zaniolo. The manager of the Hammers, David Moyes, whose team hung dangerously close to the relegation zone, is also packing his bags.

In recent days, Milan have become interested in Zaniolo's services, looking for an alternative to the aging Giroud and Ibrahimovic, as well as a potentially profitable sale of Rafael Leao. The Rossoneri are still following the development with Zaniolo, who still cannot reach an agreement with Tottenham. At the time of the transfer saga, the 23-year-old Italian was temporarily withdrawn from Roma, and if he suddenly remains at the club until the summer, then this will definitely not benefit his career.

In this situation, Zaniolo, who has a difficult character, does not behave very correctly. In fact, he leaves the club, which helped him out during a year and a half of downtime and gave him a start in football life. After all the health problems, Nicolo is unlikely to play in the Premier League, but he is much better prepared for less intense conditions in Serie A. In such scenarios, an invitation to Milan is a very good scenario for the striker.