Arsenal are getting winner mentality?

Arsenal are getting winner mentality?

On the final day of the transfer window, Arsenal spent £12m on Chelsea central midfielder Jorginho! Is this another step towards the long-awaited Gunners title?

Jorginho started his career in humble Verona before moving on to promotion to Napoli, where under he grew into a world-class player under Maurizio Sarri. Along with the Allenatore, the 31-year-old Brazilian Italian moved to Chelsea in 2018. There, he also played a key role in the team, but the player was in no hurry to extend the contract with the Blues.

However, in four and a half years at Stamford Bridge, Jorginho got hold of two prestigious trophies at once - the Europa League in 2019 and the Champions League in 2021. A month after winning the Champions League, the midfielder became the European champion as part of the Italy national team. That year turned out to be so productive for Jorginho that he even entered the top three contenders for the Ballon d’Or!

Jorginho also had misses - it was his missed penalty that did not allow Squadra Azzurra to directly enter the World Cup, and in the playoffs, they sensationally lost to North Macedonia. But at the club level, the 31-year-old midfielder had practically no misfires. In fact, he was the victim of a massive rebuild at Chelsea, which are now betting on the purchase and development of young people. So that Jorginho would not leave for free in the summer, they did not even hesitate to give him away him to his neighbors from Arsenal.

The Gunners have their own problems - yes, they are confidently leading the Premier League, but, in fact, they play with the same squad. If suddenly several key performers of the Gunners drop out due to injuries, then the club will have a very hard time. Jorginho was bought just to expand the depth of the squad, and at first, he will replace the injured Thomas Partey. The Italian is quite capable of becoming a real dressing room leader and devoting at least a couple more years of an active career to Arsenal.

Before our eyes, a new European giant is being born with a set game pattern and competent work on the transfer market. Arsenal have managed to sign a very high-quality player who will give them confidence in the fight for the title. Chelsea, on the other hand, simply decided to speed up the process of modernizing the squad, at the same time refund at least a little the wild costs of this transfer cycle.