Barcelona to get rid of Dembele?

Barcelona to get rid of Dembele?

This summer already, English Newcastle, Chelsea and Manchester United will try to buy Barcelona forward Ousmane Dembele! The Frenchman's contract with Blaugrana expires in six months, and in a few months his buyout fee will drop to 50 million euros.

In 2017, Barcelona signed Dembele to replace Neymar who suddenly left for PSG. But for four whole years the Frenchman frankly fooled around - he often got injured, then violated the regime, then he was simply not in optimal condition. With Xavi’s arrival to the Catalans, Ousmane managed to pull himself together, and he played the second half of the 2021/22 campaign at a phenomenal level, providing 13 (!) assists in twenty-one La Liga matches.

This season, Dembele continued to enchant, but due to muscle injury, he is out of the game for about two months, and without the 25-year-old Frenchman, Barcelona rush to the title as if nothing has happened. Dembele’s changer Raphinha brought the Catalans two victories over Valencia and Athletic with his goals, and the financial expenses for the Brazilian are much less. But the Blaugrana greatly inflated the payroll, which is why they even face a transfer ban.

In such scenarios, the departure of the problematic Dembele to another club does not look like something extraordinary. Moreover, three Premier League clubs are ready to satisfy the player's requests at once. In our opinion, Chelsea have the least chance of signing Ousmane. Over the past year, the club has spent significantly on the transfer market, and now they have the same problems as Barcelona - an overstated salary cap and too much competition for every position. Ambitious Newcastle will pull Dembele's transfer, but are unlikely to agree to pay him too much.

But the option with Manchester United looks much more promising. Right now the Red Devils are in a better tournament position than the Blues and Magpies. It is unlikely that they will fall below third place, and their potential for further growth is huge. Being one of the richest clubs in the world, Manchester United can easily afford the transfer of Dembele, especially since Antony is frankly unimpressive on the right wing of the attack. The Frenchman himself is also interested in moving to the Albion, where the level of play is much higher than in the gradually regressing La Liga.

So far, Barcelona will try to conclude a new labor agreement with Dembele, only now, knowing the character of the Frenchman, he is unlikely to agree to a reduction in his cash income. If Ousmane suddenly refuses to deal with the Catalans, then rich teams with a bright future are always ready to shelter him in the Premier League.