It is too early for Milan to think about world greatness!

It is too early for Milan to think about world greatness!

The first leg of the Milan derby in the Champions League semi-finals ended in favor of Inter - 2:0! Does this mean that Milan are doomed to elimination? Most likely, everything goes exactly to that.

After five minutes of starting confusion, Inter successfully played a corner, and Edin Dzeko put the Nerazzurri ahead with a filigree kick. Three minutes later, the Milan defenders gave Di Marco a green light on the left flank, he shot into the center for Mkhitaryan, and the Armenian easily dealt with his opponents and flashed Mike Maignan. Thus, Inter managed one of the fastest blitzkriegs in the Champions League semi-finals.

Also, first half was remembered first by the appointed and then canceled penalty on Lautaro Martinez, as well as a number of dangerous moments at the goal of the Rossoneri. This match completely duplicated the Italian Super Cup 2023, only then Inter scored three times in the first half. Milan, on the other hand, did not at all resemble the team that did not conceded even once in three playoff duels with Tottenham and Napoli. Even the old Dzeko and Mkhitaryan easily coped with the defense of Pioli's men, and there is not even anything to say about the fast and technical Martinez.

In the second half of the game, Inter came out with a strong desire to defend the two-goal lead, so Milan owned more of the initiative on the football field. On the other hand, the Devils had only one truly dangerous moment - Tonali's shot at the post. The Nerazzurri, on the other hand, snarled in counterattacks, and after substituting Romelu Lukaku, the opponent's defenders received an additional load. Stefano Pioli can be commended for a successful replacement for Divock Origi, but Milan clearly lacked their main striker, the Portuguese Raphael Leao.

As you can see, Inter have finally shown that their quality of the line-up is among the top five strongest clubs in Europe, so its likely appearance in the Champions League final is not such a sensation after all. Even at the group stage, the Big Grass Snake beat Barcelona, and at that time literally all the teams in the world were inferior to Bayern. For the first time in 15 years, Milan, with their rather modest line-up and not the most famous allenatore, could dream of the final of the tournament, which at one time submitted to it seven times. We doubt very much that if they get into the Champions League next year, Rossoneri will be so lucky with the draw, and the personnel situation in the club is unlikely to improve much.

For the third time in the 2022/23 season, Inter proved their class superiority over their city neighbor. Against the backdrop of financial problems, reaching the Champions League final is a huge achievement for the Nerazzurri. And their rivals simply enjoy the return of the ghost of former glory and relies on staff difficulties that befell them at a decisive moment.