The higher they are, the harder they fall!

The higher they are, the harder they fall!

The day before, Inter beat Milan again (1:0) in the semi-finals of the Champions League, thanks to which they reached the decisive stage of this tournament for the first time in 13 years! However, next summer the Nerazzurri are at risk of losing a number of important players who are unlikely to extend contracts amid the club's financial difficulties.

Inter really had a crisis in the mid-10s, when the Milan giants, basically, finished in the middle of the Serie A peloton. Then they managed to improve the situation - the Big Grass Snake began to appear regularly in the Champions League, and this year they are not only reached the playoffs for the first time in a decade, but they also risk taking the trophy for the fourth time in history! It is unlikely that the Milanese head coach Simone Inzaghi believed in such a dizzying success.

On the other hand, the Giuseppe Meazza is lit by truly stellar players in the person of Africa's best goalkeeper Onana, intelligent center back Skrinjar, one of the most productive midfielders of our time, Barella, and a pair of incredibly gifted forwards Martinez and Lukaku. However, not all of them will start the 2023/24 campaign with Inter.

The reason for the financial crisis of the Nerazzurri is the problems of their Chinese owners, who had previously had a hand in the bankruptcy of Guangzhou Evergrande, the real hegemon of China. It's no secret that tough COVID restrictions have hit China's economy hard, hurting even seemingly indestructible football clubs. It is unlikely that Inter are in danger of disappearing, and they are unlikely to become the middle-tier side of Serie A. However, the championship ambitions will have to wait.

So far, positive news has come from the blue-black Milan - Hakan Calhanoglu and Edin Dzeko have agreed to extend their contracts with the club even if their salaries are reduced. On the other hand, Inter with a 99% chance will leave Milan Skrinjar, who already have a preliminary agreement with PSG. The fate of Lautaro Martinez is still unknown, Romelu Lukaku will definitely return to Chelsea, where he is seriously counted on, and the bench will be cleared by the departure of Gosens, d'Ambrosio, de Vrij and Gagliardini.

At Inter, they prefer to live for today and enjoy the moment, because the next moment of glory may not come soon. The good news is that the Nerazzurri were very lucky with the coach - Simone Inzaghi has every chance to keep them in the top 4 of Serie A. Constant matches in the Champions League and the desire to reach heights in Serie A will help the club survive difficult times, but they won’t have to count on sudden progress.