Ecuadorian to become most expensive player in history of Premier League!

Ecuadorian to become most expensive player in history of Premier League!

Chelsea have announced the long-awaited signing of Brighton and Ecuador defensive midfielder Moises Caicedo. The Blues will shell out £115m for the 21-year-old, making it the most expensive purchase in English football history!

The Moises Caicedo transfer saga has been going on for months. Among the main contenders for the midfielder at one time were Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. As a result, the main struggle unfolded between the Reds and the Blues. It would seem that Klopp's men are ready to pay more, but the player himself called the transfer to Chelsea a matter of principle. As a result, the Londoners broke their own record of Enzo Fernandez and took one of the most promising defensive midfielders in the world.

At least that's what many experts think. Behind him, Caicedo has only one full season in the Premier League for Brighton, where he was a system-forming football player, on which the whole philosophy of Roberto De Zerbi rested. The Seagulls finished the 2022/23 campaign in their highest ever sixth place and will now represent England in the European league arena.

However, Chelsea actively had a hand in the total weakening of Brighton's playing potential. Previously, the Blues took Seagulls’ goalkeeper Robert Sanchez to their side, and last year pulled out left-back Mark Cucurella and head coach Graham Potter from the modest team. Yes, Brighton received more than one hundred million euros for these transactions, but it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a high level with such losses.

Given the scope of Caicedo's transfer, the Ecuadorian will definitely be Chelsea's key player. If Pochettino uses the 4-3-3 tactical formation, then it will be Moises who will become that cleaner between the defensive and attacking lines. The football player is famous for his intransigence, which is why he often receives yellow cards. However, over the years, he will gain experience and correct this shortcoming. In the meantime, Caicedo will give Chelsea mobility and untie the hands of not only creative central halfbacks, but also wing defenders.

We won’t be surprised if the young Ecuadorian will immediately be required to play at an incredible level, and he will begin to justify the expectation closer to winter. In theory, Caicedo will be Chelsea's midfield leader for years to come, but with the Blues' current squad and transfer policy, other career paths cannot be ruled out.