Neymar freaks out and asking to go home!

Neymar freaks out and asking to go home!

Just a month after moving to Al-Hilal, Neymar is already involved in a scandal! Against the backdrop of the club's recent failures, he had a quarrel with head coach Jorge Jesus and clearly hinted at an imminent return to Brazil.

This summer, Neymar supported the trend of European stars migrating to Saudi Arabia and became a newcomer to the local champion Al-Hilal. PSG managed to get 90 million euros for their ever-ill and scandalous star, which at least slightly offset his record transfer for 222 million six years ago. It’s no secret that the Brazilian has already given up on his ambitions and set off to earn huge money.

But even in such an almost ideal paradigm, the 31-year-old forward cannot live without conflicts. The trigger for this behavior was Al-Hilal's sensational draw with the Uzbek club Navbahor in the Asian Champions League. In that game, Neymar showed disrespect for his opponents in every possible way, for which he even received a yellow card. During the break of that meeting, the eminent Al-Hilal coach Jorge Jesus tried to put some sense into the Brazilian, for which he scolded him.

Neymar was clearly offended by the aged specialist and demanded his resignation from the club management. They took note of its star’s remark and have already held a preventive conversation with Jesus. Now, in case of further failures, the disgraced Brazilian will most likely get a new helmsman, more accommodating.

However, even so, Neymar's days in the Middle East are numbered. He bluntly said that he plans to return to his native Brazil in the near future. Preferably, to Santos - the club that raised the future football star. The 31-year-old forward plans to do this in the summer of 2025. The main motivation for this decision is the desire to prepare well for the 2026 World Cup, which will take place in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Considering Neymar's importance to the Seleção, his move is entirely justified.

In the meantime, Neymar is being himself in every possible way, most often not from the best side. In the Middle East, he believes in his own exclusivity, often forgetting about respect for both rivals and partners at Al-Hilal.