Chelsea don't have enough left backs!

Chelsea don't have enough left backs!

Three months before the opening of the winter transfer window, the restless Chelsea have already drawn up a shortlist of desired left-backs! This includes Milan's Theo Hernandez and Inter's Federico Dimarco.

Under the management of Todd Boehly, Chelsea have already spent about a billion on new players, but the team only suffers from such drastic changes. Both in the past and this season, the Blues are in the middle of the peloton - neither Graham Potter, nor Frank Lampard, nor even Mauricio Pochettino help.

Perhaps the new left back will be the final element with whose appearance the team will suddenly start to play? It would seem why, since Chelsea’s colors in that position are defended by representatives of the national teams of Spain and England - Mark Cucurella and Ben Chilwell, for whom over 100 million euros were paid at one time. But no, Todd Boehly needs transfers and another roster expansion.

For five years, Theo Hernandez has been an integral part of Milan and the main left-back of the France national team. It is possible that the 25-year-old wingback still dreams of playing in the English Premier League. The truth is, we seriously doubt that Theo will want to go to Chelsea - to a club with unclear prospects.

It is unlikely that Federico Dimarco, who is gradually progressing with Inter, will change his club registration. Under the management of Simone Inzaghi, the Nerazzurri won several domestic trophies, and in the Champions League final they lost only to the impeccable Manchester City. Against the backdrop of such successes, the Milanese are unlikely to agree to sell their leaders so easily, which undoubtedly includes Dimarco.

Many football players already understand the futility of the project called Chelsea and are not very eager to play there. Specifically, in the cases of Hernandez and Dimarco, the Blues are dealing with rapidly progressing clubs that do not want to weaken their rosters even at the cost of huge profits.