Is Insigne back in business?

Is Insigne back in business?

Italian forward Lorenzo Insigne is apparently tired of playing in MLS for Toronto, and he is planning a return to his homeland this winter! Lazio, headed by Insigne's former Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri, is seriously interested in the player's services.

From 2012 to 2022 Lorenzo Insigne defended the colors of Napoli and did it so successfully that his departure was painfully perceived by the club's fans. Paradoxically, immediately after this, the Partenopei took the first Scudetto in three decades, and the European champion himself, as part of the Italynational team, went into football retirement in MLS. Lorenzo was picked up by the middle-tier of thel Toronto, where in a year and a half he’s played 31 matches and scored 17 goals.

Despite Insigne's performances, Toronto fell into a deep crisis, and from May 7 to October 22 got only one (!) victory at the official level. Such club results must have upset the 32-year-old Italian, who feels strong enough to perform at a high level for several more years. The key in this regard will certainly be his meeting with Lazio allenatore Maurizio Sarri.

The experienced Italian specialist is interested in resuming cooperation with the wing forward, with whom they worked for some time at Napoli. Sarri believes that after Milinkovic-Savic left for the Middle East, the Eagles’ attacking potential has dropped noticeably - now they are ingloriously in the middle of the Serie A peloton and are unlikely to confirm their current status as vice-champions of Italy.

Insigne himself is not against returning home this winter, despite his contract with Toronto until 2026. His transfer fee fluctuates around 10 million euros - quite a workable amount for today's Lazio. In terms of salary, Lorenzo will probably lose, but he will have a chance to shine again at least in the playoffs of the Europa League, and if he’s lucky, the Champions League afterwards. Whereas in Toronto he is doomed to a constant struggle for survival.

If Sarri’s charisma works and Lorenzo Insigne returns to Italy, then Serie A will receive another bright high-class footballer, and the club itself will have a chance to return to the fight for the highest positions.