Bayern want to get rid of Gnabry?

Bayern want to get rid of Gnabry?

Bayern winger Serge Gnabry is in danger of losing his place in the team given his poor performances of late! Die Roten's management is already thinking about the correctness of extending the contract with the 28-year-old German and expects improved results from him.

Since the 2018/19 season, Gnabry has been one of Bayern's most prolific forwards, second only to the excellent Robert Lewandowski during this period. Over five years of playing in the Bundesliga, the German scored as many as 60 goals in 154 matches, which confirmed his high level of professional suitability. Everything was going great until recently, when Serge signed a contract with Roten on improved terms.

Under these terms, Gnabry receives €15 million a year, making him one of Bayern's highest-paid players. On the other hand, the winger has sharply reduced the demands on himself, which is why he very rarely appears in the starting lineup. In fact, in the 2023/24 campaign he was remembered only for his goal against Manchester United on September 20, and then there were injuries and appearances on the field, at best, for 60 minutes of playing time.

Right now, Gnabry is losing his place in the starting lineup to a number of quality attackers - Sane, Coman, Musiala and even the young talent Tel. Not to mention the new leader of Die Roten attack, Harry Kane. Despite all the criticism, the 28-year-old is still motivated to play for Germany's top team to secure a place in the country's final squad for Euro 2024 at home.

If Bayern suddenly want to part with Serge, then there are plenty of suitors for him. Take the same Premier League, where even the middle-tier sides can shell out 40-50 million euros for a winger. It is clear that Gnabry will refuse to move to a club of Brentford’s level, but the same Manchester United and Chelsea will happily pick the experienced performer who knows what constant victories at all levels are.

If Serge Gnabry stops moping, then he still has a chance to return to the Bayern team and contribute to the future successes of the Munich giants. If not, then the German will have to look for new options to continue his career. But with your inflated financial requirements, it will be quite difficult to count on successful employment.