A new European champion to be determined in Berlin?

A new European champion to be determined in Berlin?

On Saturday, December 2, the draw for the group stage of Euro 2024, which this year will be held in Germany, took place in Hamburg! Who pulled out the lucky ticket, and who will have to sweat pretty hard on the way to the goal?

The hosts of the tournament, Germany, were predictably sent to Quartet A and, no less predictably, they were given quite acceptable opponents. Yes, Hungary and Scotland are now on the rise, and Switzerland has always been a tough nut to crack, but the Bundesteam certainly won’t have any problems reaching the round of 16. By the way, in the opening match of the Euro, Nagelsmann's team will test Scotland's strength.

The most interesting, in our opinion, are Groups B and D. The first of them is a reference to Euro 2012 and the Final Four of the 2023 Nations League, where Spain, Italy and Croatia also came together, plus Albania, which joined them. And in Quartet D, old acquaintances from France and the Netherlands will again measure their strength, while Austria and, most likely, Poland will keep them in honorable company.

And the remaining three fours each have one favorite (England, Belgium and Portugal) and three opponents of more or less comparable level. In this regard, Ukraine will be most fortunate if, of course, it makes it through the playoffs of the Nations League. Geographic neighbors from Romania and Slovakia are rivals on the same level as Rebrov’s players, and Belgium, which is experiencing a generational change, is not as formidable now as it was at the last European Championship.

According to bookmakers, the main favorites of Euro 2024 are the French, who, after reaching the final of the 2022 World Cup, remain a top-class team with a well-executed game. Experts are also waiting for a breakthrough from England, Germany, Spain and Portugal. By the way, the current winner of the European Championship, Italy, shares only 6th-8th place with the Netherlands and Belgium. In such situations, its chances of retaining the title are quite low.

The football festival in Germany will take place from June 14 to July 14, 2024 in ten cities, most of which hosted the 2006 World Cup. In terms of organization, everything will be fine, but will the teams please us with a bright game after a busy club season? We'll find out very soon.