Bayern are entering Spanish market!

Bayern are entering Spanish market!

While many top clubs are just drawing up their transfer lists, Bayern have already signed a new player for the future! We’re talking about Granada and Spain winger Bryan Zaragoza, who is progressing rapidly in La Liga.

We are sure that 99% of football fans before this season had not heard of the 22-year-old performer, who has been playing for the modest Granada for the second year in a row. However, Bryan Zaragoza demonstrates football of such high quality that he almost single-handedly leaves the Nasrids at least some chance of maintaining a residence permit in the elite. The Spaniard has already scored five goals this campaign, two of which were against Barcelona.

Zaragoza's career is developing very quickly - he even receives calls to the Spanish national team. It is immediately clear that a very high-quality winger is growing, who will certainly win more than one trophy in the future. It is surprising that it was Bayern who won the battle for Brian, and not one of the La Liga giants.

In this regard, Die Roten clearly played ahead of the curve, finding a likely replacement for the ineffective Leroy Sane and the boisterous Serge Gnabry. The Munich team also took care of expanding the roster, because with a roster of 17-19 players it is very difficult to claim trophies until the last minute. By the way, in the fight for Zaragoza, the Bavarians were ahead of RB Leipzig, their rival in the league.

To be honest, it’s hard to believe that Bryan Zaragoza will become a key player for Bayern, since three months at a high level is far from a guarantee of continuing in the same spirit, but not as an underdog in La Liga, but as a supergiant of European football. And the efficiency of Bayern transfers is far from one hundred percent. Yes, Kane blossomed in Munich, but de Ligt, Gravenberch, Peretz, Sabitzer and others never found themselves at the Allianz Arena.

On the other hand, 15 million euros for Zaragoza is a very good investment. Even if the Spaniard doesn’t play, this money is not so bad. And a football player still has his whole career ahead of him, so sooner or later he will find his place in the sun.