Ladbrokes has stood for the independence of Catalonia

Ladbrokes has stood for the independence of Catalonia

Despite the increasingly strict regulations of the Spanish government, the campaign for the Catalan referendum continues to gain momentum.

Situated on the north-east of Spain with population of 7.5 million people with approximately 20% of Spain’s current GDP, Catalonia province not only has its language and culture, but also a long history to become an independent state.

The Spanish government and the supreme court judges decided, that the Catalan government violated its national constitution, causing a referendum. Whatever the result, Spain will vet the referendum decision.

Currently, uncertainty regarding the voting means, that the referendum isn’t considered a big event in betting. Nevertheless, Ladbrokes Coral have reckoned, that it has a place to be.

Ladbrokes head of political betting Matthew Shaddick said, that when the rumors about Catalonia’s separation only started, they had set the odds of 2/5 on the event to happen. Now the indicators have decreased to 1/16, which is proportional to 95% probability of the outcome.