Sports Betting News

  • Bookmakers: Ronaldo’s transfer to Junvetus is a reality

    After the victorious final in the Champions League against Liverpool, Cristiano Ronaldo officially announced his desire to leave Real. In the wake of the recent events, bookmakers predict that the Portuguese’s words were true and he will begin the next season in the jersey of Juventus Turin

  • England are the last ones to advance to quarterfinals

    The England national team became the last team to occupy a place in the top-eight national teams of the world. The Three Lions team will meet the national team of Sweden in the quarterfinal, which previously defeated Switzerland

  • Organized Sweden defeated Switzerland

    The national team of Sweden thanks to organized play in the midfield didn’t let the Swiss play and use individual advantage. The only goal in the match was scored by Emil Forsberg, which led the Swedes to quarter-finals

  • The Red Devils have risen from hell

    The Belgian national team returned to the game after two conceded goals from Japan in the beginning of the second half. The team of Roberto Martinez in the last minutes snatched a ticket to the quarterfinals with a score of 3:2

  • Brazil advance to quarter-finals

    In the round of 16 of the World Cup, the national team of Brazil without any serious hardship defeated Mexico and booked itself a ticket to quarter-finals. The Aztecs fought until the end, but Pentacampeone took advantage of mistakes of Osorio’s team

  • Croatia almost said goodbye to the Mondial

    The national team of Croatia saved itself from elimination in the World Cup. The Checkered opponents were the Danes, who withheld the draw result 1:1 until the end of the additional time and in the penalty shootout conceded the ticket to the quarter-final

  • Ronaldo following Messi is leaving the Mondial

    The Portugal national football team in the round of 16 of the World Cup lost to Uruguay and left the tournament following Argentina. In this material, we'll figure out what were the mistakes of Celesao in the match against Celeste

  • Argentina have left the World Cup

    In the first match of the round of 16 of the World Cup France defeated Argentina, 4:3. Kylian Mbappe became the hero of the match, who scored twice and deserved a penalty in the beginning of the game

  • Senegal’s stupidity and the Englishmen’s prudence

    The last two couples of the World Cup round of 16 participants became known on the last day of the group stage matches. The Colombians minimally defeated Senegal, the Japanese lost to Poland, Panama lost to Tunisia and the Englishmen sacrificed the first place

  • Germany left the World Cup with disgrace

    In the third round of the group stage of the Mondial in Russia, the Germans lost to the national team of South Korea, 2:0, and occupied the fourth position in the quartet. In the parallel match Mexico lost to Sweden, 0:3, but both national teams advanced to play-offs

  • Argentina advanced to play-offs

    In the last match of the group stage in the D quartet, Argentina managed to minimally defeat Nigeria, 1:2 and advance to play-offs. Sampaoli’s men will have to fight against France, who had the first on the tournament goalless draw a day before

  • The first contenders of the 2018 WC play-offs are known

    After the final matches of the group stage in the quartets A and B, Russia, Uruguay, Portugal and Spain advanced to play-offs. The Russians have to play against Spain and Celesao will determine the strongest in the sparring with Suarez and Company

  • Germany almost said goodbye to the World Cup

    The national team of Germany was one step away from leaving the tournament in Russia after two matches. However, Bundesteam haters’ hopes were turned upside down after the second half of the match with Sweden

  • Croatia humiliated Argentina

    The national team of Croatia destroyed the national team of Argentina, 0:3, in Nizhniy Novgorod within the second round of the World Cup. Dalic’s men managed to occupy the midfield and exclude Lionel Messi from the game

  • Morocco are out of the World Cup

    The second match became definitive for the national team of Morocco in the tournament in Russia. Herve Renard’s team lost to the Portugal national team, 1:0, and prematurely ended the advancement on the Mondial

  • Poland gave Senegal three points

    In the concluding match of the first round of the World Cup, the national teams of Poland and Senegal met. Adam Nawalka’s team thanks to their own mistakes in defense gave the opponents the victory, having advantage during the course of the match