Heroes from Turin or London losers?

Heroes from Turin or London losers?

In the second match of the Champions League’s round of 16, London Tottenham couldn’t keep themselves a positive result of 2:2, which was achieved y Mauricio Pochettino’s team in Italy.

After the match at Stadio Allianz in Turin, bookmakers unanimously predicted the advancement to quarterfinals for the Spurs (1.40), as two away goals are a clear advantage ahead of the second match. Juventus being the underdogs amongst bookmaking operators (3.40) managed to reverse the course of the encounter in three minutes and advance to the next round after the lost first half.

Tottenham’s Argentine coach focused on high pressing and technical capabilities of the offensive line with Son, Dele Alli, Eriksen and Kane ahead. In the first half of the second match the Albion manager’s idea worked flawlessly. His men loaded with work Ciellini, Benatia, Alex Sandro and Barzagli, making the latter make mistakes more and more often in the confrontation with the swift South Korean winger Son Heung-min. On the 39th minute, the mistake of the Italian defender, who plays as the right lateral, led to a goal.

In the second half, when Juventus had to score twice whatever it takes, Massimiliano Allegri removed Blaise Matuidi from the pitch. The Frenchman, whose goal was to structure Juventus’ counter-attacking force through midfield, couldn’t manage the set goal. In his place, Allegri put out Asamoah and also substituted Benatia for Lichtsteiner, increasing pressure on flanks.

“After the break I decided to let out fresh players on flanks and threw Asamoah and Lichtsteiner into battle. It is great, that it gave results. The team deserves praise and I am proud to be its manager”, Allegri said after the match.

Three minutes later, the manager’s idea worked out and Higuain scored from the Swiss’ cross. Another three minutes later, Real and Napoli former player already gave a pass, that cut through Tottenham’s defense, on Dybala and the Argentine repeated his countryman’s achievement.

Dybala, having recovered from an injury, for the second time in a row now has brought such a necessary victory for Juventus. In the latest round of Serie A, the Argentine became the only one, who shot on target against the Roman Lazio, bringing Bianconeri a victory and making them first in the tournament table by lost points. In the match against Tottenham, Juventus made three strikes on target, two of which resulted in goals. Thus, the acting champions of Italy have once again dispelled a myth of the need to create a mass of moments for the goal, like Liverpool and Manchester City do. Even being underdogs, Juventus continued to play their football. After all, as the titled Italian manager Giovanni Trapattoni said: “Juventus is like a seven-headed dragon. You cut off one and another one appears immediately. Juventus will never give up and Juventus’ power is in tradition”.