There is no place for Dynamo and Shakhtar in the Eurocups’ quarter-finals

There is no place for Dynamo and Shakhtar in the Eurocups’ quarter-finals

Dynamo Kyiv couldn’t make a sensation at NSC Olimpiyskyi and get a required result against the Roman Lazio 0:2 (2:2).

The Wite-Blues fans had a couple of reasons to believe in success of the men from Kyiv. First of all, two goals in an away match, which could give Khatskevich’s team a ticket to quarter-finals, if they wouldn’t concede. The second reason is the absence of Sergej Milnkovic-Savic. The Serbian asked Simone Inzaghi several day-offs due to an intense schedule and stayed in Italy. Despite that, the Romans managed to crush the Ukrainian side from the very start of the match.

Up until the thirtieth minute the ball possession was 22%-78% in favor of the guests and the absence of Milnkovic-Savic in no way didn’t affect the game. The logical conclusion is that Lazio are simply way stronger than the team from Kiev both by performers and tactically.

Dynamo Kyiv’s head coach Alyaksandr Khatskevich said after the match, things that aren’t a big secret for any Ukrainian supporter.

“Considering Lazio’s squad, we presumed, that the opponents will start aggressively. We played very defensively, gave away the initiative, there was no counter-play. We had handled the pressure, but conceded after a free kick. There was not enough experience of international matches. We have very few such games in the championship”.

It is true, that the main problem of Dynamo and Shakhtar is the lack of equal opponents in the championship. Because of the competition absence in the UPL, the Ukrainian clubs do not understand the true level of their performance and do not develop, as it is known, everything is clear in comparison.

The teams are locked in a glass bulb and point gains with legionnaires do not save from stagnation at the general level. Therefore, they lose to average teams of the European football at initial levels of the tournaments.

The only thing that will save Ukrainian football is shortening the number of teams in the top-tier league. The will give the tournament a healthy competition and will also give the hegemons in the face of Dynamo and Shakhtar a constant tone.

The main stage of the championship has recently ended in the UPL and the teams are divided on two subgroups. From the tournament point of view this division doesn’t bear any changes, which is proven by three-year experience of the introduction. At a time when Dynamo and Shakhtar gain conditions and play against strong opponents, they are leaving the eurocups and are finishing the season at ease.

Therefore, the number of clubs in the top league should be reduced before the season begins, and not make a walk in the park for the leaders in fall, go to the trainingcamp, play friendly matches and get eliminated in the first stages of the playoffs of the Champions League and the Europa League.