The favorite has changed in the Champions League

The favorite has changed in the Champions League

On 16th March, the Champions League quarter-finals draw took place. The legend of Ukrainian football Andriy Shevchenko decided the fate of eight best teams of Europe in Nyon.

First of all, the former player of Dynamo, Milan and Chelsea drew the ball with Barcelona club name in it. The Catalan grand received the Italian Roma as their opponents, which had just passed Shakhtar Donetsk the day before.

Barcelona – Roma

Bookmakers reckon will immediately say goodbye to the Champions League. Betting operators have set the odds of 1.11 on Barcelona to advance and for the sensational advancement of Roma to semi-finals the odds are 6.50. Everything was clear from the very first seconds, who’s the favorite and who is the underdog. After the confident season by Barcelona, in which the Catalans are currently at the first position in the championship, have advanced to the Spanish Cup final and easily passed Chelsea in the UCL round of 16, Roma will not become a stumbling block for Valverde.

The next team to appear in the hands of the Ukrainian forward was Sevilla. Bayern Munich was chosen by Shevchenko to be the couple for the Spanish club.

Sevilla – Bayern Munich

The couples Sevilla – Bayern and Barcelona – Roma are basically equal. The only difference is that Sevilla passed the second team of England even away and are capable of sensation. The odds on the advancement in bookmakers are similar to the previous quarter-finalists, however, here  the Andalusians have a bit more chances to advance – 6.00 against 1.12 on Bayern. The Munich club is confidently going after the championship in Bundesliga and advanced to the German Cup semi-finals. Sevilla advanced to the Spanish Cup finals, where they will meet Barcelona, confirming the status of a Cup team.

The fifth ball, drawn by Shevchenko from the basket at the UEFA headquarters contained the paper with the name of another Italian club, Juventus. The Torinese representative Pavel Nedved, present in the hall, got nervous, when his former opponent from Milan picked Real Madrid as The Old Lady’s opponents.

Juventus – Real Madrid

After two couples with obvious favorites, Juventus and Real looked like quite equal teams. This season the Italiam club is currently on the first position in the championship and also advanced to the Italian Cup finals. Real failed the start of the season and because of that eliminated from Copa del Rey quarter-finals and are occupying the third position in the championship of Spain. Nevertheless, bookmakers in this confrontation bet on the Spanish side. The odds on Zidane’s men advancement to semi-finals are 1.44 and on Juventus’ triumph are 2.62.

After the ball with Real Madrid, the football world understood, that Liverpool got Manchester City, the main contender for the championship, according to bookmakers before the start of the draw. It remained to observe the formality and determine who plays the first match at home.

Liverpool - Manchester City

This season Liverpool have already defeated City at Anfield, leading 4:1 during the course of the second half. However, the Citizens managed to restore intrigue and score two more goals. Guardiola’s players simply crushed the Scousers in the first round, defeating them 5:0. Klopp became the first and only one in the EPL, who managed to defeat the Sky Blues. Probably because of that bookmakers named Liverpool – Manchester City couple as the most equal at the quarter-final stage. The odds on Klopp and his team’s advancement are 2.50 and on Manchester City – 1.50.

After the end of the draw, bookmakers have abruptly changed the favorite to win the Champions League. If previously Manchester City use to be the ones, because of the opponent in the person of Jurgen Klopp Guardiola is satisfied with only the second place in the rating (4.00). The Catalan Barcelona have risen to the first position, having received one of the most desired opponents (3.50). The top three is concluded by Bayern Munich, to which the draw was more favorable than to other teams (4.8).