Bayern have found a long-term replacement for Robben

Bayern have found a long-term replacement for Robben

Bayern Munich has called Chelsea winger Robert Kenedy as a long-term replacement for Ribery and Robben on the flanks of the German club. Half a season the footballer spent on loan in Newcastle having played eight matches, in which he scored two goals.

The Brazilian winger impressed Rafael Benitez in Newcastle after he arrived to the team in January. His future at Stamford Bridge is unclear, however, two top clubs are looking closely after him.

The European grands Bayern and Paris Saint-Germain have contacted Chelsea management to find out about the details of a possible transfer of 22-year old Kenedy.

The British media Sky Sports is not in a hurry to evaluate the transfer, as the player still hasn’t made his choice. Considering possible dismissal of Antonio Conte from Chelsea, the Brazilian may once again fight for a spot in the squad.

The main attribute for Bayern when purchasing Kenedy will be his versatility. During his transfer to Newcastle, Benitez made the accent on the player’s talent to adjust to the play scheme and perform various roles:

“We have followed Kenedy since last summer. He got us interested for his ability on several positions. He will add versatility to the team”.

They vary schemes and change positions for footballers in the Munich club camp. One should recall Pep Guardiola’s change in Munich – moving Philipp Lahm to a defensive midfielder position. Whereas the German looked promising on the new position. This goes for Thomas Muller, David Alaba, Rafinha and Martinez.

Kenedy is still very young and the young blood makes itself known. During the Asian tour allowed himself offensive commentary in China’s address, after which Conte told him, that he will not include him in the roster. Te Brazilian knows how to perform a great amount of work on the pitch and obey instructions from the coach. The versatile halfback. Who knows how to play on the positions of defender, lateral, winger and regista will close the problematic zone in the team with the absence of a necessary footballer. Therefore Kenedy now has a choice between Bayern, PSG and continuing career in Chelsea. However, only the Germans will make a potential Ruud Gullit. Whereas it doesn’t matter who will be the manager of the Red Machine, it still go down the same road.